June 2014



Next Book – Jennifer’s House – Thursday June 26url

MAY 2014



  • This months pick belonged to Carol and Helen was back from her Florida retreat and hosted the evening.  There was much speculation on everyone’s opinion of the book and overall – results were higher than anticipated.  After everyone did their own research on the author (we were all looking for reasons why) so it was clearly seen from the start that there were many personal qualities carried throughout many of the short stories.  She raised peacocks – she had lupus so reoccurring episodes of the disease forced to live with her mother – she was raised catholic which explain much of the religious undertones throughout.

Jennifer’s unique description was that many of the stories made her feel angry and frustrated.  “A lot of artistic prattle about getting into the simple peoples minds.

Karen’s most clarifying description of the book came from a review which described the book as ‘a christian vision with a darkly comic intent.

Carol found humor in many of the stories – The Artifsearchicial Nigger had her laughing hysterically.  She will be reading more from this author – keep us posted!
Thought the artists face would help us connect better!  She was born in 1925 and died in 1964 from complications of lupus

Carol     10

Jennifer 7

Laura 8

Helen 7

Sue – will advise – spending the weekend in Kentucky so was not able to attend






April 2014


Carol’s house – Everyone was there and this time Helen was traveling so couldn’t join us but she will be back in May and we all look forward to having it at her house and welcoming her back.

Mixed reviews on this one – Sue and Karen were mentally in the need of a good and easy read with a happy ending and this fit the bill.  We scored with with a 10.  However, Carol had no fondness for the content (not believable) the writing style (poor) and she gave it a 6!  Not too many sixes but she really did not enjoy it.  Jennifer and Laura were neutral on the topic but everyone agreed that the cover did not match the content at all.


aclk-2And now that I have more free time I will get back to updating the monthly minutes with more regularity and accuracy.  We will be sure to start off with the scores and because way back when we came up with the concept of scoring with a 6 to 12 logic (not sure where it came from, but we’re sticking with it….here’s the reminder – 6 is the lowest and 12 is the best!search-1

January 2014


Sue’s house in January and she fed up with a favorite comfort food from Portillo’s.  As we were freezing (little did we know that the cold and snow was far from over) Helen appeared by Facetime sitting on her porch enjoying the warm ocean breezes.  Enough of that.


Those that were “gamers” in their youth may have gotten more out of the book as they reflected back on memories (I think Sue and Jennifer were in that group) but everyone else enjoyed the book   url